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22 Nov 2020

Ubuntu Server on Macbook Pro

Install and setup Ubuntu Server on Macbook Pro.
15 Nov 2020

Running Visual Studio Code in Docker

Visual Studio Code is a great text editor, and basic IDE. It can now be run in the browser via Docker.
07 Nov 2020

Docker on Synology - Prometheus metrics and custom DNS

Setup Prometheus matrics and custom DNS in Docker on Synology.
31 Oct 2020

Running an iPerf server in Docker

How to run an iPerf server in Docker.
31 Oct 2020

SSL Cert from Let's Encrypt for Synology via Acme.sh and Docker

How to generate an SSL certificate for a Synology NAS from Let's Encrypt using Acme.sh and Docker.
11 Oct 2020

BT Full Fibre FTTP (FTTH) Install

Review of BT's Full Fibre service installed.
13 Jun 2020

Setting up Synapse Matrix homeserver on a Raspberry Pi in Docker with Caddy and Cloudflare

Matrix server allows decentralized chat, getting it setup in Docker on a Raspberry Pi is a little complex.
30 May 2020

Setting up Caddy server 2 with Cloudflare in Docker

Caddy server 2 does not come with Cloudflare support by default. In this post we will set it up with Docker.