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31 Oct 2020

Running an iPerf server in Docker

A great way to test network performance and throughput is iPerf. You setup a server on one machine, and a client on another machine. It then tests the speed between the two.

    container_name: iperf
    image: networkstatic/iperf3
      - 5201:5201
    command: -s
    restart: always

Add the above definition to your docker-compose.yml, and run with docker-compose up -d to get the iPerf server running.

Then on your client machine you can download the revevant binary from the iPerf website and run the command with the IP of your docker instance.

Cyberithub have written a list of some of the most popular iPerf commands to help you get starded.

There are also many mobile apps for iPerf, such as HE.NET Network Tools for iOS. Allowing you to easily test the wifi throughput.

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